Attorney To Get Out Of Timeshare: What You Need To Know Before You Cancel


Getting out of a timeshare can be very tricky, especially when this is your first time. There are a lot of specifics you need to look at, which is why hiring a top-notch lawyer can save you time and money.

Before we go into more details, let us explain three red flags you should watch for during the hiring process. That way you know what to expect without accusing your lawyer of withholding information.

The Three Red Flags

1)Legal Fees

Your legal fees will add up. Sometimes it costs more to retain a lawyer than it does to cancel the timeshare. That is not to say you still should not do it. So here is a tip which you should consider and should be aware of.

The lawyer might charge you an initial fee and then add other fees later. One red flag to watch for is when the lawyer asks for his full fee before he does any work. Look at your budget before you hire the lawyer. That way you are not met with any fees you were not made aware of beforehand.

2)Lack of Experience

Some lawyers do lack the necessary skills to get you out of that timeshare. That is why you should hire a firm like the Resort Legal Team to make sure you have the necessary experience on your side.


Some lawyers are not as forthcoming as they should be, which is why I am presenting this small list for you. You need a lawyer who is going to be honest at every turn. The Resort Legal Team is a good alternative to have to reduce the headaches.

The Four Items Your Checklist You Should Have For Finding An Experienced Attorney to Get Out of Timeshare

1) You have to interview candidates you want on your side, even when they come from any reputed firm. Most lawyers are very good at providing an initial consultation. which will last about an hour or less. They do not usually give more than an hour unless it is something specific. They save their real-time energy for what is known as the “billable hours.”

Questions you should consider asking them to include outsourcing and billing. Sometimes the person you hire is not the person who will help you get out of your timeshare. They might not have the time. That is why you need to ask this question before moving forward. Knowing who you work with and their experience will indicate the direction the action takes.

2) Shop around if you can. You might have your heart set on a particular, but that does not mean you confine yourself to one person. Interview several associates from the firm. Trust your gut, especially if something appears to be out of place. You can also talk to other lawyers in the area about who they recommend for a timeshare case. They might be able to give you a name to call.

3) Background checks are a must, especially when it comes to lawyers. Some lawyers are not as legitimate as they appear to be. Watch the news some time. You will see what we mean. Your choice should be good as long as the background check comes back normal.

You should also find references online about timeshare directories. They should have a list of a lawyer who deals specifically in timeshares. The point is, you need someone who deals specifically with timeshares and cancellation or your case is not going anywhere. It is similar to hiring an office pencil pusher to litigate in court. It is not going to work.

4) Are you able to tour the office before hiring someone? You should do it if you can. Their office buildings will give you some indication of what type of firm they are and how they work, including office cleanliness.

I know “great minds have messy desks”, or so I have been told. However, that will not work for this situation. You need a law firm that is organized and clean. It is a red flag when you see an office that is empty and barely minimal staff who appear to be stressed and unhappy.

So it is advisable to first get consultation from a reputed timeshare cancelation team, let them guide you and specify best attorney as per your current position, there are different aspects and type of expertise required, so to identify that consultation is required to its core, resulting in the best lawyer on your side.


These tips serve as a starting point to begin your legal search. The more information you have the better prepared you will be for canceling your timeshare.

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