Why Is Cruelty-Free Perfume Important

These days, the world is becoming more and more aware of the painful realities behind the manufacturing processes of some of the typical fragrances and cosmetics that are sold on the market. Still maintain your looks and where a pleasing scent just like other products, except you won’t be doing it at the expense of an innocent creature.

However, the sad reality is that animal testing, which is what most commercially sold perfumes are derived from, is still an issue in 2020. According to research from Cruelty-Free International, there are at least 150 million animals that are tested from all over the world.

And given that there are better and healthier alternatives already available along with companies that utilize those alternatives, there shouldn’t be any reason for animal testing to even exist and can also prevent themselves from selling in mainland China, where animal testing is legal.

You want to know more about why you should switch over to cruelty-free perfumes and cosmetics, look no further than the reasons that we have highlighted in this article below:

  1. Extremely Cruel Animal Testing

If you were to assume that animal testing is merely just extracting fur or saliva from test subjects, then you’re completely wrong or have been highly misinformed. Not only are these poor innocent creatures confined to tiny cages with virtually zero mobility and put under inhumane conditions, but they are also being subjected to barbaric and heinous testings. We’re talking about being tortured, blinded, maimed, or even killed.

The Humane Society International reports that animal testing for cosmetics include eye and skin irritation tests where chemicals are rubbed or shaved onto their skin or are dripped into the eyes of these poor helpless animals. We may be getting our perfumes, but this is doing a whole lot of other damage to animals who don’t know any better.

In retrospect, the purpose of these animals is that they are being bred for the type of life that has them live in constant fear and suffering. And if you think we’re exaggerating, then take a look at this laboratory bunny (if you have the stomach to bear such a reality).

2. Animal Testing Isn’t Even Necessary

As we said earlier, there isn’t even a need for us to purchase cosmetics and perfumes that are derived from animal parts as there are plenty of other alternatives available. In fact, cruelty-free organizations are using over 7000 ingredients that have proven to be safe. They even vie for in vitro testing, which has several advantages over animal testing. Besides that, there are also cultured cell tissues and computer models as well.

The only reason why some companies opt for testing on animals is because of the low-cost behind it. But being affordable is no excuse for engaging in unethical practices.

 3. Cruelty-Free Perfumes Are Healthier

The products that major brands sell are usually made from some of the harshest chemicals and ingredients that you’ll ever come across. Some of these chemicals include sulfates, synthetic dyes, and parabens, which causes people to experience inflammation, allergies, and breakouts.

Many cruelty-free brands instead use non-toxic ingredients and less the number of chemicals in their fragrances and cosmetics. As a result, people will less likely experience any of the aforementioned adverse effects related to animal-based products. Those companies that don’t want to harm animals also wish to prevent damaging other humans as well.

4. The Environment Will Be Much Better Off

When perfumes and cosmetics are manufactured at the expense of animals, they also release harmful chemicals into our environment. These chemicals are emitted from laboratories, which end up creating massive amounts of carbon and waste emissions that lead to global warming, bringing more harm to our environment.

There are over 12 tons of waste generated from those laboratories, and the worst part is that this waste comes from the excrement and carcasses of dead animals. Cruelty-free firms, on the other hand, are producing less carbon and waste emissions with their product manufacturing. What’s more, is that they package their products in sustainable packaging. 

5. Dogs And Cats Are Being Tested As Well

No, you are not being misinformed. This is, in fact, reality and a downright cruel and inexcusable one at that. As a matter of fact, according to 2013 statistics, over 24,221 cats and 67,772 dogs were being subjected to extremely painful, harsh, and cruel animal testing in the United States alone. When it comes to dog breeds, a vast majority of beagles were used due to their docile behaviour. Why this isn’t treated as a criminal offence is something that baffles our minds. It’s basically madness at this point.

Instead of being treated as correctly domesticated pets like most households do, these precious creatures are being deprived of that kind of decent living and being forced to endure such harsh experimentations as lab animals.

6. Governments From All Over The World Are Placing Bans On Animal Testing 

Thanks to the awareness generated by the ubiquitous power of the internet, several countries, governments from around the world, have already agreed to ban testing on animals for the production of cosmetics and perfumes. Such countries include India, Israel, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Korea, Norway, and the European Union. If this action from first-world countries is any indication, then surely the rest of the world can practice it as well.

7. Doing Good Overall 

The main aim of resorting to cruelty-free products is so that innocent animals don’t have to undergo such harsh upbringings and treatments. Now that you know better, we implore you to do better as well. In due time, you will begin to understand how much more peaceful and thankful your conscience will be.


5 Tips for Cutting Down on Couples Spending

When it’s just you and your better half, it can be easy to get into the habit of spending too much. All those evenings out at the movies, date nights, drinks with friends, and dinner – it all starts to add up after a while.

As a couple with no kids, there’s not as much incentive to save and prepare for the future so that it can be challenging cutting down on your weekly expenditures. However, if you want to feel a little bit more financially stable, try these five tips for cutting down on couples spending.

1. Put That Bonus Away

What better way to celebrate getting a bonus than by going out for dinner and drinks? There’s nothing like it. However, if you’re hoping to start cutting down on your couple’s spending, you may want to do the complete opposite, and put it away for a rainy day.

You never know what’s around the corner, and having the majority of that bonus in the savings account for when you need it can make all the difference.

2. Cut Out the Bad Debt

If you’ve been extra impulsive lately, you may have accumulated a bit of credit card debt from all the overspending. A lot of the time, it’s easy to spend now and think about it later. However, it won’t be long before those credit cards begin to put the pressure on, and you’ll find yourself wondering how to pay them.

The best way to tackle that credit card debt is to pay the bad debt first. If you want to get rid of it straight away, consider a short term loan. There are options like title loans online and personal loans available that can offer easy application and long-term repayment packages.

3. Eat at Home

There’s nothing like a romantic dinner out for two – or is there? Instead of going out to eat every time you want to do date night, try transforming the atmosphere at home to emulate the mood of a cozy, trendy restaurant.

All it takes is looking up a recipe online that you’ve never tried before and getting the candles out, and you’ve got a mood set for two. Eating at home on date night instead of going out is going to save you more money than you realize because every little bit counts – and it adds up.

4. Set Yourselves a Limit

There’s nothing wrong with planning a day out with your loved one where you both get to ‘shop until you drop.’ However, instead of going all out, set each other a limit before you leave, so you know what you’ve got to spend, and when you need to reign it in.

5. Get Rid of Memberships You Don’t Use

When was the last time you went to the gym? What about that cable bill? How many of your monthly memberships are lying in the drawer, gathering dust? Cutting down on spending includes getting rid of those subscriptions that you hardly ever use. Again, you’d be surprised at how small payments like this can add up.

Cutting down on spending as a couple isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you can hack it, you’ll end up saving more than you thought.


Acne Scar Prevention: The Right Way to Cleanse the Face

Acne and pimples that are left untreated will most likely lead to marks and scars when they heal. As frustrating as it sounds, acne happens to everyone. The reasons why this happens is because of the skin cells getting damaged.

Picking or popping acne is usually the cause of acne scarring. When you pop your acne or pimple, you are transferring bacteria from your fingers to the pimple/acne. This then leads to inflammation of the affected area. The more you pick your pimple, the more the infected substances will go deeper into the skin, causing substantial damages to the dermis. This may happen normally, but the good thing is, acne scars can be treated with professional help. If you want to know how these professionals treat acne scars, you can read it here and learn about the treatments they do.

Some people are not financially or physically ready to undergo medical treatments for their acne scars. If that’s the case, there are some home remedies that they can try to lessen the appearance of acne scars or even prevent them from developing.

Wash Face Correctly with the Right Cleanser

Organic and natural facial cleansers are available in most grocery stores or pharmacies. They contain natural ingredients that help to prevent acne from leaving any scars as it heals. Such organic cleansers are chemical-free which lessens the possibility or irritation when used. If you have sensitive skin, i suggest that you switch to this type of facial cleanser instead of using the ones that your favourite actor/actress is advertising on tv.

Make it a habit to wash the face in the morning and at night before going to bed. This process helps to wash off all the bacterias, dirt, and dead skin from the face, which prevents the pores from getting clogged. Also, limit washing the face for only twice a day as too much cleansing can lead to dryness and irritation. Here’s a facial cleansing step that you can try:

  1. Before washing your face, make sure that your hands are clean.
  2. Use lukewarm water to rinse the face
  3. Apply an ample amount of facial cleanser to your palm and rub until it gets bubbly
  4. Gently massage the foamed-up cleanser to your face
  5. Rinse off with cold water to close the pores
  6. Using a clean towel, pat your face dry. Do not rub.

Gentle Exfoliation

Another way to clean the face is to practice proper exfoliation. Exfoliating helps to remove any dirt and dead skin on the face. These unwanted particles can immediately clog up the pores, which lead to pimple and acne breakouts.

Not all exfoliating products are good for all skin type. That’s why it is best to seek advice from your dermatologist to know which product(s) is/are safe to use on your skin. Some people have sensitive skin and are prone to having skin irritation and dryness. Doctors will most likely recommend mild exfoliating products for these people so they can avoid any skin issues. Also, exfoliating can only be done once or twice a week for those who have sensitive skin. For the lucky ones who have thicker skin, they can exfoliate once a day (at night) as experts recommend it.


Gemballa Avalanche 4×4 Porsche 911 Safari

Driving on the tarmac just isn’t the in thing right now, is it? You see, Crossover and SUV sales are at an all-time high and show little to no signs of slowing down. How many of these vehicles will ever actually see any kind of unpaved path? I am just going to grab a magnifying lens to see a number this small. All jokes aside, going off-road is fun after all, yes ripping up a track is an adrenaline rush like nothing else, but have you ever jumped a Ford Raptor between dunes or drifted your Lancer Evo through a dusty track? Boy! Oh! Boy!

Now, vehicles that are designed to handle tough terrain, and I mean proper tough terrain, are seldom fast and agile enough to warrant any form of hooliganism. But, what if we were to take one of the most iconic sports cars, lift it up by miles, slap on some knobby tires and just terrain proof everything else? Did somebody just get wet dreams that remind you of Group B? Lovely News for you a lot then!

I don’t really know if you have heard of a certain company that goes by the name of Gemballa, and if you haven’t, the short and sweet of it is that it’s the stark opposite of what RUF is to Porsches in the automotive community. Now as you may know RUF has had a stellar reputation pimping out a regular run of the mill Porsches into something that is even more performance-intensive and exquisite. The game plan of Gemballa then is the stark another end of the spectrum as unlike RUF, Gembella believes in putting stilts on the Porsches it can lay its hands on and making them go “Full Rally Mode” on the next dirt track it sees.

Unlike everything “RUF” had recently showcased a similar but much tamer approach to Gemballa in the form of the Rodeo concept which was RUF’s take on building a Porsche 911 that could go a little off track. The Rodeo concept might resemble an older Porsche 911, but it is a completely bespoke vehicle that is based on the RUF CTR Anniversary and SCR models and features a carbon fiber chassis, accessory headlamps, a roof rack, and a bull bar that although might make it a bit competent on a dirt road, don’t do much to make it a rally star. This is where Gemballa steps in with their latest Frankenstein of a vehicle in the form of the Avalanche 4.2 RS which, contrary to popular belief, is slated to go into production. How they are going to do it though, is completely beyond me.

One look at what Gembella is trying to achieve with the Avalanche concept gets your attention for good as the renders that have been brought to the table don’t just showcase a 911 that is slapped with some All-Terrain tires. NO NO NO, The Avalanche 4×4  concept that is dubbed the Avalanche 4.2 RS features a 991.2 911 that has gone to the gym and had whey protein all that while. The Avalanche 4.2 RS features twin air scoops on the roof, some very noticeable Mud Terrain/Knobby tires, an antenna that can be presumed for a CB-Radio setup and a quite noticeable raise in its ride height. The Avalanche 4.2 RS with it’s over the top design does make us wonder if everything would stay the same as the concept or would Gembella have to seriously tame down the design during production. If one pays a little attention to the finer details on the Avalanche, one would notice that quick-release straps can be observed holding down the front and rear bumpers which presumably should be real and help aid roadside repairs on your off-road excursions, but could very well just be aesthetic touches.

The Avalanche 4.2 RS makes any variant of the 911 look puny when putting in front of it due to the sheer amount of presence the vehicle commands. The gigantic spoiler in the rear, quad exhausts, ultrawide fender flares and a stance that could put an RC car to shame does make the Avalanche 4.2 RS appear as the perfect Group B toy for the ones who would be able to afford it. Gambella has not released any info regarding the project apart from the renderings that have made their way to the public which really does leave a lot of details up for speculation since the production of the Avalanche isn’t immediate. Gambella has announced that they are planning on introducing a complete lineup of vehicles in the coming two years and the Avalanche 4.2 RS is definitely one of the front runners in consideration. The Avalanche in the renders might just look a little far fetched as the proportions of certain elements although look particularly means, won’t translate to practical usability in the real world. An added piece of information that might be interesting to all the readers is the fact that the Late Uwe Gemballa’s son is also coming up with an off-road-oriented Porsche via his independent company which is supposedly based on the Porsche 959. Both the companies are currently battling the matter of naming rights in court right now which does indicate that both products might end up head to head with each other.

When somebody envisions a rally-inspired car that is fast, agile and competent over the track, it is most definitely a Subaru WRX STi or a Lancer Evolution and not a 911. Looking at the renders that have been presented by Gemballa, it is safe to that the fruition of an ambitious product like the Avalanche 4.2 RS would most definitely result in a vehicle that could end up as a modern rally icon since the 911 has consistently dominated each and every field it has forayed in. It is a matter of time to see how much the Avalanche impresses us if and when it comes to market since the road to bring this idea from a render to an actual vehicle doesn’t seem like a bed of roses and Gemballa certainly has their work cut out.


Coronavirus Live Updates in the United States

The number of new Coronavirus victims has recently reached 3,244 in the United States killing around 61 people throughout the country. Amidst its reach to 49 states, the administrations are shutting down more and more restaurants and public places. New York City and Los Angeles are shutting the bars and theatres as well. The city administration is now banning large public gatherings.

Considering the rapidly growing disease, Jack Ma has decided to send a huge shipment of face masks and coronavirus testing kits to the United States. As per his tweet, the US will receive one million face masks and 500,000 testing kits.

The Trump administration has already imposed a travel ban on Europe. However, students, green card holders and American nationals can enter the country after the screening. The passengers returning from countries that are hot hubs for coronavirus will be directed to 11 major US airports picked by the government. The healthcare workers will examine them and take their medical history. These airports include JFK, ORD, SEA, SFO, HNL, LAX, ATL, IAD, DTW, MIA, DTW, BOS, and EWR. This ban, however, is not functional to commercial trade as the cargo shipments will not stop.

Senator Ted Cruz is critical of President Trump’s cautionary measures to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. According to him, the administration is doing a great job in some areas but the testing kits should have been sent throughout the country with speed and efficiency. He believes that the bureaucracy was slow in involving the private sector into it as it should have been done earlier. Although Trump had announced a state of emergency in the country and allocated $50 billion to help the states in controlling the spread of COVID-19. Both the president Trump and the senator have gone to self-quarantine.

Home Improvement

How to Find a Floor Installation Expert in Your City

One of the main factors affecting the appearance, rental and resale value of a house in Toronto is the flooring that has been installed. People spend a lot of their time, walking in their house, and hence it is important to have high quality, durable flooring which will last for many years. The quality of the flooring depends on the type of flooring material and to a large extent on the skills, competence of the persons installing the flooring. Hence many property owners in Toronto are interested in finding Toronto flooring installation experts, when they have to install new flooring.

There are many ways to find a flooring expert, and a person can choose a suitable method ,depending on his social, professional network. The local hardware stores, selling flooring material and related supplies, will usually have a few flooring installers affiliated with them. The property owner can contact these installers, and get a quote from them. Alternately the property owner can ask their friends, relatives and business associates if they are aware of any flooring expert and have used their services. However, in all these cases, the property owner will have to personally evaluate the flooring expert, before taking a decision.

Increasingly people are using the internet to find a suitable flooring expert in Toronto since it is convenient and easier. Many of the flooring installers have their business reviewed online, and these reviews are usually an indication of the quality of the services. Almost all the flooring installers will be having a few negative reviews, however, for these reviews, it is important to check the review, and ask the installer his version of the work done. In addition to reviews, there are other factors which have to be considered like the type of flooring, time taken and price.

Before evaluating the various flooring experts, it is also important to finalize the flooring which has to be installed. The skills required for installing the various types of flooring like wooden, stone, tiles, will vary. It is also important to estimate the area where the flooring has to be installed. In case of a new construction, the expert will have to only install the flooring. However, in case of renovation work, the existing flooring will have to be removed, and new flooring has to be installed. Hence it is also important to finalize the scope of the work, and time in which the work has to be completed.

Another factor which has to be considered while finding a flooring expert is the price charged for the installation of the flooring. Reputed flooring experts will usually have insurance and the latest tools, materials for installation of the flooring so the price charged by them will be higher since they are adding the cost of these overheads to their other charges. Some people may be doing flooring installation part time or may not have much experience, so they may charge a lower price. However, the quality of the work done by the inexperienced person may not be of good quality and the cost of repairing a faulty flooring installation at a later date, may be higher.

While most property owners would like to pay the lowest possible price for the flooring installation, they should also consider the quality of the work being done. Most of the reputed flooring installers are confident of the quality of the work, and are usually offering a warranty for at least a few years. This ensures that the property owner will not have to pay for the repairs for the warranty period. On the other hand, cheaper installers of flooring will either not offer any warranty on their service or only offer a warranty for a few months. Hence though the flooring installation costs are lower initially, the repairs may be expensive for the property owner.

The time taken to complete the flooring work is also a consideration for those who have a busy schedule, since it is inconvenient. It is also important to talk to the flooring installer before finalizing the order, to find out his experience and commitment to the work. Hence based on the factors discussed above, a suitable flooring expert in Toronto should be selected for the flooring installation.


How to Do an SEO Audit like a Pro

Your website is at the center of your digital marketing strategy, bringing together different advertising channels and avenues. Apart from having a professionally designed website, you will need to use SEO to make the site more searchable and visible. However, SEO is not a one-time event but rather a continuous process. In essence, you will have to continually improve your website and analyze how well your online presence relates to best practices. An SEO audit helps to check the health of your website and find great ways to optimize it, a factor that gives your online marketing efforts a major boost. If you are to maintain your ranking and achieve great results, you should do the SEO audit like a pro. With the competitive world in which businesses operate, only an ongoing process will help you maintain visibility.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a standard procedure that involves a general analysis of your website to identify actions that are required to improve search engine optimization. Any SEO service for small business will perform this process before completing any work. This process is based on the factors that matter to search engines and organic search engine results. The process will focus on auditing your rankings, existing content, backlink profile, technical infrastructure, and any other factors that could hinder your search performance. By doing this, you will have a better insight into your website, individual web pages, and online traffic. You will also be able to determine issues and opportunities as well as recommend the best fixes to ensure improved results.

Every SEO audit should be comprehensive. The audit should involve an analysis of both the structural and content components of your website that influence your search visibility. This way, the process will paint a clear picture of your current state. An SEO audit should be easy to understand, making it possible for you to identify the issues that have an impact on your priorities, goals, and revenue. Lastly, the audit has to recommend actionable steps and an easy-to-follow roadmap that will help you achieve your goals. When doing an SEO audit, make sure that the process is not rushed and that it is tailored to the unique needs of your site.

While most business owners are just focused on how to improve their rankings, it is important to understand that an SEO audit is a complex procedure. The process will cover several aspects of your business in a bid to establish the areas you need to improve on. Before you start, you should create a viable strategy that will act as a guide during the process and help you achieve your goals. As such, you maximize both your financial resources and time.

How to Perform One

Improving your search engine rankings means focusing on a combination of several complex factors that contribute to SEO. An SEO audit involves the analysis and improvement of any number of aspects. The audit is divided into these five large sections:


There would be no point in creating a website whose content search engines and users cannot access. To make sure your web pages are accessible, you should check XML sitemaps as well as the overall architecture of the site. Focus on improving the user experience and make your website mobile-friendly.


While accessibility is about the ability of crawlers to access your pages, indexability has a lot to do with how the pages are shown within search engines after accessing them. It would be important to ensure that your website is not on the bad side of search engines through offenses that can result in penalties. If you find out that your site got penalized, you should admit your mistakes and work on making the necessary changes.

On-Page Analysis

Once your website is perfect, you will need to focus on the characteristics of your site’s pages that affect your rankings. These include content issues and single page issues. Create quality and relevant content that provides value to readers, making sure to avoid keyword cannibalization and duplicate content. Check your URL to ensure it is well-written and describes the content clearly and briefly. Lastly, use relevant keywords and ensure all your links are healthy and relevant.

Off-Page Analysis

An off-page analysis is centered on the popularity of your website in cyberspace. You will want to ensure that the site is not only popular but also inspires trust and has quality backlinks with the relevant keywords. Other aspects to focus on are page authority, retention rates, and the level of social engagement.

Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research

Once you are done with all internal issues, do an analysis of your competitors’ sites. This will allow you to know more about them and identify their weaknesses. The next step would be to do a keyword analysis so you can find high-performing keywords that will help you boost traffic and beat the competition.

My Optimization Isn’t Great, Now What?

If your SEO audit establishes that your optimization is not great, there are several steps you can take to improve your site’s rankings.

Publish Relevant Content

Quality and relevant content are among the factors that determine your search engine rankings. While it takes time to create quality content, you should ensure that your content is keyword-rich and provides value to readers. Be sure to update content regularly to keep your website fresh and relevant.

Citation and Listing Management

To increase your visibility, you must keep your information consistent. Having consistent info will also be a great way to improve your reputation by increasing trust in your brand. Citation management is particularly useful in local SEO campaigns.

Optimize Your Website

When it comes to optimization of web pages, you should focus on a copy that emphasizes expertise, exciting headlines, increasing the readability of your content, as well as title tags and meta tags that clearly describe the pages.

Link Building

If you want to establish authority and trustworthiness, you must ensure that there are authoritative third parties that link back to your content. Focusing on quality as opposed to quantity will help to push up your website in organic searches.

Active Social Media Presence

Maintaining an active social media presence will show that you are well-connected with customers. Proper use of social media will also see you getting positive reviews from happy customers. Positive reviews will improve your reputation, helping you to rank higher among search engine results.

Optimize Your Business

There is no doubt that an SEO audit can benefit your online marketing campaign in a big way. The findings and recommendations of the audit can help you create an effective marketing strategy that will deliver the desired results. At BizIQ, we work with small businesses to help them increase their online visibility.


Data Center Proxies for Web Scraping

Web scraping has become a business essential in the age of data. Online information is a gold mine, which gives the companies that are aware of its benefits a competitive edge. Vast Fortune 500 companies have made their online fortunes in an ongoing invisible but heated data war that plays a significant role in their sales and marketing strategies.

As an illustration, two of the world’s largest retailers Walmart and Amazon, use web scrapers to continually scan their rivals’ platforms and adjust their prices to attract customers. In 2017, Amazon successfully blocked Walmart’s web scrapers from scraping their pages, an action that Walmart did “day.

The blockage on Walmart bots lasted a few weeks, forcing the Arkansas-based retailer to retrieve Amazon benchmarking data from third party sources. This example might make scraping sound like a sinister activity, but it is not.

Large businesses such as Bing or Google scrape web pages for search engine indexing. Journalists and academics also scrape the internet for data sources. However, due to the competitive nature of web scraping, most websites have designed defenses that prevent web scraping. Some of these defenses can be overcome via the use of datacenter proxies that veil IP addresses and provide anonymity during web scraping.

What datacenter proxies are

Datacenter proxies like any proxy server act as intermediaries between your computer and a server network or server. The proxy hides the Internet Protocol signature of your computer for anonymous web browsing. Proxy servers are also very beneficial when users need to access geo-blocked content due to their identity protection features.

Datacenter proxies differ from residential proxies, provided by Internet Service Providers. Datacenter proxies are sold or given away free by cloud-hosted third party providers. Unlike residential proxies, these proxy types do not provide a valid address. They are a combination of numbers that closely resembles an IP address.

Nevertheless, they are also very efficient at hiding an IP address and are more affordable than residential proxies. When web scraping using data center proxies, the website that you are mining data from will only view the signature of the data center rather than your own. To successfully web scrape, you need a rotating pool of private datacenter proxies to minimize IP blocking.

Pros of datacenter proxies

  • Datacenter proxies will provide anonymity while web scraping, affordably. These proxies are also easier to access than residential proxies.
  • While datacenter proxies do not offer a genuine IP address, they are suitable for web scraping in sites that have little or no ant scraping defenses.

Cons of datacenter proxies

  • When datacenter proxies are used in web scraping, a robust security system can quickly identify the datacenter’s IP address and prevent the scraping bit from its activity.
  • Public datacenter proxies are often misused for nefarious activity and are therefore easily identifiable by website defenses
  • Low-quality datacenter proxies from unregistered providers can make your networks vulnerable to data loss or identity theft
  • Some public data center can be very slow due to the sheer amount of traffic on them

Typical applications of web scraping via datacenter proxies

1. Price intelligence

Unlike the past, when brick and mortar stores only had weekly price changes, done by hand on swap labels, today, the terrain is entirely different. Bot driven pricing has become the critical differentiator in the ongoing online price wars between various retailers. The strategy was pioneered by Amazon a decade ago, and today online retailers use it to effect price changes multiple times a day with ease.

There are price intelligence bots in the market that only need rival’s pricing data, inventory levels, and sales forecasts to support a robust competitive price monitoring department. To monitor your competitor’s prices and to ensure that you stay on top of the game, use datacenter proxies to extract prices from their websites to help you come up with well-informed pricing lists.

2. Market research

Marketing strategies are heavily dependent on data. Web scraping can give online marketers the information that they sorely require to make the right marketing calls. Data-driven marketing can make all the difference in the marketing arena.

Marketers can, therefore, use web scraping to gather and analyze data from various websites and social media platforms to create robust content marketing strategies. Besides learning from data on how to create engaging content, marketers can also use the data to generate more marketing leads.

3. SEO monitoring

The knowledge of how the search engines are ranking your website can make a lot of difference in e-commerce profitability. It is crucial, therefore, to effect SEO monitoring using data scraping tools to analyze SEO terms and build actionable intelligence with it.

4. Reputation monitoring

Brand protection has become harder to manage in an online environment where brand identity abuse could occur in different regions of the world. Web scraping through datacenter proxies can help your business to identify product counterfeiting and brand piracy online.

You can also use web scraping to understand customer sentiment by scraping customer reviews and ratings to monitor your brand’s online reputation.


Businesses are becoming very dependent on data for decision-making and competitiveness. Datacenter proxies can be used to web scrape business intelligence data and give you the upper hand in the highly competitive online business arena.


The Fitting Guide to Choose the Right Men’s Button-Down Shirts

Not all of us have the time or the patience to get custom-made button-down shirts made. So, you end up shopping for readymade shirts. With racks and racks of shirts on display, it can be mind-boggling to pick the perfect one. Here is our fool-proof method of choosing the best men’s button down shirts.

Shirt fits can be broadly classified into four categories: Classic, Slim, skinny, and modern or contemporary. Finding the fit that suits your shape is the most critical element when shopping for shirts. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Classic Fit

A classic fit is something that your grandfather wore. It’s boxier, comfortable, with a lot of room for movement. It has two pleats near the yoke in the back. This fit is aimed at comfort as men did not wear them without a jacket or vest. If you have a round shape, this can be a flattering fit for you. Avoid it if you’re skinny.

Slim Fit

With it becoming acceptable to wear a shirt without a jacket, the fit of the shirt becomes the focal point of your look. This fit eliminates the excess fabric and contours your body’s shape. It is designed to have an accentuated back and high armholes to give an almost tight fit. It does restrict your movements when compared to the classic fit shirt, but does it look smart or what. The fit is best suited if you’re slim.

Skinny Fit

This is a tighter version of the slim fit shirt. It is a flattering look for those who are, as the name suggests, skinny. The younger lot prefers this look. This look is characterized by restricted movements and a lot of wrinkles.

Modern/Contemporary Fit

This look is the in-between of the classic and the slim fit. It blends the best of both styles with a perfect blend of comfort and style. The back has small darts, and the shirt gives a slightly tapered silhouette, which gives it a trimmer look than the classic shirt. The sleeves are neither too fitted nor too loose, with enough fabric to allow ease of movement.

The armholes are high to give a snug fit. If you’re not exactly the picture of slimness, then this is your best bet. It will make you look thinner without restricting your movement.

Formal and Informal

What differentiates formal and informal shirts is that formal shirts are plain in the front. Casual shirts have either one or two pockets and may have additional detailing like decorative stitching or darts.

Evening Shirts and Tuxedo Shirts

If you’re attending a black-tie gala, then a simple white shirt will not work. This occasion requires an evening shirt. This shirt, though white, has a contrasting panel in the front that is either pleated or piqued. Also, the collar is down with a traditional spread.

Picking the right fit for your shirt is an essential element of your wardrobe. With so many options in men’s button-down shirts, the above tips of the various kind of fits should help you achieve an elegant and stylish look. You can always mix you the styles depending on the occasion to get a new look every time.


COVID-19 and Global Business: Current State, Possible Aftermath, Response Tips

The most discussed topic of 2020 is coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 that causes a disease called COVID-19. It originated in Wuhan, China but then spread around the world. With hundreds of thousands of confirmed cases, the infection is already reached the pandemic level, according to the World Health Organization.

While there are numerous tips and suggestions for individuals, we want to help enterprises, too. In this article, we will analyze the situation, compare potential outcomes, and show how businesses can protect their employees and supply chains from the coronavirus. Spoiler: different scenarios are possible, so keep a cool head now.

Facts We Know About the Virus

First and foremost, let’s look at the numbers. Different agencies monitor the outbreak but we like the interactive dashboard developed by the CSSE at Johns Hopkins University. According to the most recent information as of March 11, there are more than 120,000 confirmed cases with 4,300 deaths in total and over 66,000 recovered.

The majority of cases/deaths/recovers are registered in China and, particularly, in Hubei province. Apart from this region, Italy reported over 10,000 infection cases, Iran has 9,000, and South Korea – more than 7,700. Overall, the spread in China is slowing down while Europe and the USA feature faster transmission.

Here are two proven facts about COVID-19, officially:

  1. The reproduction ratio is relatively high. The number is between 1.6 and 2.4 which is higher than the seasonal flu, Ebola, and Zika. The coronavirus is transmitted from person to person with the tiniest respiratory droplets within a range of 2 meters.
  2. The virus is dangerous for elderly people. Various reports emphasize that death rates are the highest for older patients. For instance, the rate for people under 40 is just 0.2% but it surges to scary 10% for people aged 70 and over.

In addition, there are a few things under research right now. For instance, scientists still don’t know the extent of cases with moderate symptoms or without them at all. Asymptomatic infections aren’t fully understood yet. Finally, we don’t know if this particular virus is seasonal like other coronaviruses in humans or no.



Three Scenarios of COVID-19 Outbreak

As long as we don’t have a full picture of the virus and its spread, we can’t predict the consequences. Overall, there are three equally-possible scenarios that will have different results and impacts on the global economy. Let’s analyze them.

1. Quick Recovery

Assuming that COVID-19 is a seasonal disease with a flu-like fatality, we can expect a relatively quick response from healthcare. China is successful in combating the virus so other regions just should follow its path. Youngsters and adults will resist the infection while older people will stop various activities to protect themselves. Some local habits like washing hands may change but will not reach the survival stage and total isolation.

Expected economic impacts and results:

  • China and Asia finish recovery by early Q2.
  • Europe and the USA finish recovery by late Q1.
  • Global GDP decrease by 12% to 32%.
  • Other economies remain undamaged, generally.

2. Gradual Slowdown

This scenario is based on the assumption that the virus is seasonal but other economies still can’t repeat China’s success in control. Other regions will face more and more infections but keep them localized thanks to countermeasures like quarantines. Daily behaviors will change significantly, SMEs will face acute impact, especially in the developed economies. Among sectors, airlines, tourism, hospitality, and even energy will suffer the most.

Expected economic impacts and results:

  • China and Asia finish recovery by early Q2.
  • Europe and the USA finish recovery by mid Q2.
  • Global GDP decrease by 40% to 60%.
  • Hospitality and airline industries see great damage.
  • Other sectors see high initial damage but recover by late Q2.

3. Global Pandemic

The least desired scenario is pretty similar to the global slowdown. Its main difference is the assumption that the new coronavirus isn’t seasonal. Due to this potential change, we will see a higher number of new confirmed cases in Q2 and Q3. National healthcare industries will have to find more effective countermeasures to keep cases/deaths low during the next waves of infection. Surely, this scenario will affect the global GDP even more.

Expected economic impacts and results:

  • China and Asia finish recovery by Q3 due to new transmissions.
  • Europe and the USA face generalized changes in behavior.
  • Fall of customer confidence, may recover in Q3 or later.
  • Great global GDP decrease, worldwide recession.

How Businesses Should React

As for now, the most urgent concern is the disruption of supply chains related to China. Manufacturers with plants in this country, resellers, shipment companies, business travelers – there are different types of agents who suffer losses due to COVID-19. There’s a more threatening issue. As the virus spreads to Europe and America, supply chains will break further.

There are a few ways for enterprises to respond. For instance, you can build feature-rich software for your organization to optimize delivery/shipment/customer service, mitigate risks, and minimize losses. Apart from such significant development, you can also take traditional countermeasures.

Thus, move through seven basic steps that can help your business to keep processes uninterrupted or avoid significant damage:

  • Build a virus-focused team from different departments that will study, report, and react to the outbreak changes related to the company.
  • Increase liquidity to ensure that your brand is prepared enough for different outcomes. It’s essential to survive during the recession.
  • Protect staff by educating employees, providing protective equipment like masks, and helping with all the possible questions or issues.
  • Simulate response activities by launching roundtables and other models. Test several assumptions to be ready for everything.
  • Stabilize supply chains, optimize shipments and business partnerships with Chinese, European, and American entities.
  • Support prevention efforts if your company can do it. Some businesses are already investing in the production of masks or educational campaigns.
  • Understand your customers, focus on their needs in different scenarios to know how to respond. For instance, consider migrating your services/offers online.

Moreover, Bain has a special index called SITREP. It helps to identify the current level of danger, particularly, related to COVID-19. Now, the index suggests activating contingency procedures of the first level: restrict non-crucial trips, review the investment strategies, and prepare for a quarterly recession.

The Golden Rule

In conclusion, we want to share the final suggestion: keep calm. SARS-CoV-2 is a hyped virus and we don’t have a vaccine for it, correct. But we also don’t have a 100% working vaccine for all flu strains. That’s why it’s essential not to panic and follow basic protection rules. Stay healthy and keep your businesses healthy, too!

Finally, remember that our point of view isn’t the only true one. There are different studies and possible consequences so be sure to educate yourself.