Communication Wiring Harness


Wiring harness are vital components in every communication system. They are very useful in the organization of any communication design and setup as they provide a variety of coupling options. The wiring harnesses used in communication systems usually produced with looms which are prewired, insulated terminated and also have switches attached to them. The method of manufacture of wire harness for communication systems makes it easy to install in any of the systems such as radios and intercoms. The application of communication wiring harness is seen in the development of the connection of a two-way radio, ear buds and helmet kit. They are also integrated and built for single-person use or for a particular purpose. Instances of single-person use includes NASCAR, UTV racing, off-road games and all other areas where single person communications is required.

Concept of communication wiring harness

Communication wiring harness is used in different areas to ensure that the transmission of information and electronic signals in devices and systems are done optimally and that the recipient receives an audible and clear information. Communication wire harness are applied in different areas for the transmission of information, these areas include car harnesses, headset harness, motorcycle harness and many others. The communication wire harness in cars are mainly used to connect all the electrical and electronic components to the engine control unit (ECU). The terminals and connectors used in car harness are designed to fit perfectly from the different components to the ECU. Communication wire harness is terms of headset is designed in order to transmit electronic signals as sound from the mobile device to the speakers. The wire harness used for headset harness is designed in such a way that it possesses minute resistance so as to allow the passage of little electronic signals. Other examples of the application of communication wire harness is in radio stereos, Ethernet cable, HDMI cables, AV cords, USB cables, etc.

The production of communication wire harness needs concise scrutiny and perfect precision as most of the wire harness are of small diameter. Hence, it is paramount that manufacturers of communication wire harness employ the use of advanced wire harness tools and machines for the entire production process. These tools and machines can be gotten from on online selling platform on

. At Cheers Electronics Technical Company Limited, we sell the effective and efficient wire harness assembly equipment with the suitable specifications to suit your design requirements. Some of the machines are automatic wire crimping machine, wire harness assembly equipment, cutting and stripping tools, electric cable  peeling machinery equipment, etc.

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