A visit to Morocco is incomplete unless you have enjoyed a glass of the country’s iconic mint tea. Moroccan tea is famous all over North Africa. What makes the beverage even more special is the glasses and teapot it is served in. Moroccan tea is served in Moroccan Tea Glasses. Moroccan Tea Glasses are known for their sparkling accents, various colours, and minute sophisticated details. They look gorgeous on display and can certainly brighten up any gathering. Traditionally Moroccan tea drinkers serve three glasses at every seating.

This experience is made even more special with the Moroccan tea glasses. Yes, not cups, but this beautiful culture serves tea in beautiful glasses, which enhances your tea time experience. The addition of teapots and distinctive flavours makes it very unique.

So let us know more about them by studying their specialities and the facts which make them so unique.

How are they used?

Traditional Moroccan tea is specially served in a distinct Moroccan tea set, which also has a Moroccan teapot/ kettle tray set and beautifully decorated tea glasses. Premium quality Moroccan teapots are made of stainless steel or brass made out of silver. With the usage of such materials, it is ensured that no harmful chemicals are transferred in your drink. Besides, silver brass and stainless steel teapots last for decades to come.

There are two types of tea glasses in Morocco speciality. Both are used for serving tea, and you can purchase a tea set composed of tea glasses with varied colours and patterns. The special glasses are used for the traditional routine of tea time in Morocco, along with their teapot. However, there are many other uses of the glasses, among which home decor is the prime use. That is why many online and offline stores are selling these beautiful glasses with numerous designs.

What are the other uses of Moroccan tea glass?

While the most critical use, that is, following the tea time tradition is mentioned above. There are many other uses which you might be unaware of and will serve you with lots of benefits once you bring them to use:

  • One can serve many kinds of Moroccan tea in these glasses, including mint or apple tea of Turks. These special teas are served in small glasses with loads of sugar.
  • Put in a few fresh herbs and line up the tea glasses right outside your window, making your living room look evergreen.
  • They are also the perfect choice for storing toothbrushes and other utilities, keeping them organized.
  • Love candle pots? Use tea glasses to put them in. You can easily add your desired scent to make your home fragrant.
  • It is a fantastic vessel to serve a sumptuous dessert in smaller portion sizes or side serving, such as salad dressing.
  • You can go eco-friendly and plant some seeds in the tea glasses and place them anywhere inside or outside your home.
  • Lastly, they can be used as liquor vessels, which might be small but still quite useful.

What makes them special?

The various designs and material it is available makes these tea glasses so special and different from the rest. The glasses are available in different colours, materials, and styles to fit your home. You can make them even more special if you add a silver tray to it. While the majority of the people use small cups and saucers to serve tea, Moroccan tea glasses provide a different experience to the tea time, making it unique. Placing them at your tabletops will add more charm and elegance to the whole area.

Where can you find them?

As mentioned above, many online and offline stores are selling these beautiful sets. Yes, you can easily find them online at many sites selling home decor items, kitchenware, or Moroccan items for the home. No more feeling void from the fact that you cannot visit the Moroccan streets for an enjoyable shopping spree, as the shopping can now be experienced at your screens, sitting at home. They usually come in a set of six, and you can also add to cart special silver tray or Moroccan kettle to complete the whole tea time set.

If we think about Morocco, we will find a lot of heritage and pride in their culture and traditions. Out of which, their tea tradition and making gorgeous glasses is a part of their rich heritage and ancient traditions. They are also are very particular about their calendars, which makes their traditions even more special as they are so respectful. Hence, home decor items and other utensils by the Moroccan culture and extremely special and unique, as each item has a story to tell.

So, did you bring home your tea glasses set yet?

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